April 2021


Original Painting

22” x 30”

55.88 cm x 76.20 cm

Watercolor and Ink

Not for Sale – Personal Art Collection


When I started this piece, I thought I was painting three trees.  Instead, these three angels quickly revealed themselves to me. Their faces and wings were the first to appear and they showed me my direction for this painting.

These angels are regal, glorious, and pulse with ethereal beauty.  They are guided by their inner starlight which follows the Divine Light of the Universe. I can feel their glow each time I look at them, and I’m comforted knowing their presence is always close by in harmony with my soul.

The original painting in this personal collection is not available for sale or print reproduction.  However, I would be delighted to work on an original commission painting with you.  Please contact us to further explore the creation of your treasure.