February 2021


Original Painting

15” x 22”

38.10 cm x 55.88 cm

Watercolor and Ink

Not for Sale – Personal Art Collection


Truth is constant.  It is not situational or fleeting. Sometimes the truth is hidden.  But She is powerful and patient.

As I’ve evolved in the past few years, I’ve found that I need to speak my truth and speak my peace.  Gone are the days of trying to protect an image or façade or protect someone else’s feelings.  I can speak the truth calmly and directly without the intention to inflict pain or sorrow.  For I’ve learned that when I don’t speak the truth, I’m the one in the end that feels the pain.  To speak the truth is not about right or wrong. It’s about gaining a better understanding and expressing your true feelings with compassion for another person or group of people.

I’m learning to constantly speak my truth.

The original painting in this personal collection is not available for sale or print reproduction.  However, I would be delighted to work on an original commission painting with you.  Please contact us to further explore the creation of your treasure.