May 2021


Original Painting

22” x 30”

55.88 cm x 76.2 cm

Watercolor and Ink

Not for Sale – Personal Art Collection


I worked on this painting mostly late at night and into the early morning hours when the rest of the family was asleep.  It took me several months to complete this as I’d paint a little piece each night.

It’s my practice to say “good night” to my work(s) in progress before I head to bed.  It’s like a silent prayer of gratitude for the work we did together that day.  I remember that EACH time I said good night to this painting, MORE images would appear. The first creature that emerged from the swirl of colors was the beautiful dragon with the botanical headdress.  Then a goose, and then a chickadee, and angels, and so on showed up.  I laughed in amazement one night when my dog (Choco) revealed himself to me in this painting.  That was a special night.  And it was the first time I painted my Choco.

Each being and creature in BLESSED TOGETHER is touching another being.  They are all connected.  They are all blessed together. And this is how we are in our Universe as well.  We are all One.

The original painting in this personal collection is not available for sale or print reproduction.  However, I would be delighted to work on an original commission painting with you.  Please contact us to further explore the creation of your treasure.