When I paint, I don’t have any particular subject, category, process or art materials in mind. Sometimes I have the urge to pull out watercolors.  Sometimes it’s ink and pencils.  Other times, pastels or acrylics will give me a nudge.  When I’m called to create, I’m inspired by what the Universe and Spirit/my Higher Self reveals to me in that day, in that moment.  Often, I’ll wake up in the morning and designs or images will already have revealed themselves to me. Then I know what direction my day will take!  

Many times, I’m inspired when I’m quiet or still.  It’s in the moments of mediation/breath work, washing dishes while looking out the window at my garden, drinking tea on the patio, at the in-between space of just falling asleep, or brushing my teeth at the end of the day, that images or color burst designs will present themselves to me.  It’s in those times that I know with certainty what I’m supposed to paint next. 

You’ll see many layers upon layers in my artwork because we are surrounded by many layers of energy and vibrations.  I paint what I feel and what touches my heart.  The Universe is comprised of so much wonder and magnificence.  I just follow what the Universe is calling to me. The eyes, the heart, and the soul see and feel things differently.  So, I listen.  

I tell people that I co-create with the Universe.  I’m listening to Spirit and I’m guided to paint and draw.  It’s not my talent that produces this art…I am a channel for creation. When I slowed down in life and really listened to what my Higher Self was calling to me, I was able to let go and let the art flow.

And I am so GRATEFUL!