The Universe never ceases to amaze me as I’m guided on my journey.  I’m traveling another path now, and so blessed to have this new opportunity.  I’m a self-taught mixed media artist and I love to express my creativity with paintings that emanate beauty, love, hope, and faith. 


People that I’ve known since childhood are very surprised about my second act in life as a painter.  I didn’t take art classes in elementary school, and I never studied the arts in higher education.  This is because as a child, I was told by many adults that I was not artistic or talented.  I listened to those voices and quietly shut down any aspirations about the arts.

I was known as the “clumsy” one in my family.  So, I didn’t attempt to do anything that required grace, imagination, or artistic flare.  And yet, I yearned for color and loved all kinds of paper and stationery.  At stores, I was fascinated by the gift-wrapping stations with all the brightly patterned papers and ribbons.  I remember telling my family that one day I would be a professional gift wrapper; and my dream was to work in a Hallmark store.  I also loved looking at the different lettering and script on the colorful snack boxes in our cupboards.  I’d spend hours in my room trying to trace those beautiful shapes and swirls.  Previously, if I was able draw a stick figure, or a straight line, I was surprised and thrilled.


In my late 30s, I took up knitting and Japanese paper crafts.  So much fun, colors, and textures at my fingertips!  A whole new world opened up to me. 

I progressed in my career, got married, and later a became a mother.  I spent 30+ years in the corporate world.  Occasionally, I’d participate in a few small local art fairs, and that would bring me great happiness to share my crafts with the community.  But this type of art was only reserved for a few weekends and vacations as my priority was my family, and my day job required much of my time. 

And more time passed.  In the last few years of my career, I felt there was “something more” calling me.  I remember feeling wistful when I read novels where the protagonist was an artist; or reading artist biographies; or even hearing the good news of a friend receiving a one-month artist residency.   Oh, how I wished I could live in that world.  

They say that with age comes wisdom.  In my late 50s, I slowly started to listen to my soul to find out my life’s purpose.  And then…Egypt called.


It was my husband’s (Stan) dream to visit Egypt one day.  We experienced the wonder and wisdom of Egypt together for the first time in 2018.  We renewed our vows for our 20th wedding anniversary while sailing down the Nile on a private ship with a group of our friends.  The experience was breathtaking and life affirming.  Each time I visited this magnificent and sacred land, I came home with a special gift or awakening.  In total, I’ve visited Egypt four times since 2018.  My final gift from the Ancient Ones was the ability to paint and draw as I had never had before.


At the end of 2020, I left the business world, and took several months off.  In February 2021, I began to paint every day.  I couldn’t imagine another life.  In March 2021, I said “YES” to myself, and decided to become an artist full time.  People ask me how and why I began to paint so late in life?  And I’d tell them that Spirit/Universal Energy is flowing through me to create, so I listened and I painted!  


I live in Western Washington with my husband (Stan), son (Gabriel) and our dog (Choco).  In July 2021, we built a small art studio in my garden nestled between towering cedar trees and Japanese cherry blossom trees.  My happiest days are spent in quiet times in my garden and painting in my studio.  I am grateful!


As a woman-owned company, and a woman of color, I support Women and Minority Business Enterprises (WMBE). I’m grateful to be a small business owner! As a family, we’re proud to do business with small and local companies.

We believe in being part of the community. For every purchase, we’ll donate 5% of our revenue to charitable organizations. Thank you for shopping with us and helping the community!

As a life-long animal lover, and a vegan for over a decade, I’m committed to finding products and supplies that are cruelty-free and friendly to our environment.