March 2021


Original Painting

22” x 30”

55.88 cm x 76.20 cm

Watercolor and Ink

Not for Sale – Personal Art Collection


In my special dreams, I am free.  I float above responsibilities, doubts, and worries and just enjoy the “Now” where anything is possible.  Those feelings of euphoria, weightlessness, and freedom often lingered after I woke from these types of dreams.  They were messages for me.

This painting came to me to show me, and the world, that if you can “feel” an emotion, then you can manifest what the heart desires to have that feeling and that outcome in the present time.  Feelings are how Spirit communicates with us.  Listen to what Spirit is trying to convey to you in your dreams, in your moments of reflection, and in your mediation.  And then you will be guided to your new path every time.

The original painting in this personal collection is not available for sale or print reproduction.  However, I would be delighted to work on an original commission painting with you.  Please contact us to further explore the creation of your treasure.