March 2021


Original Painting

12” x 16”

30.48 cm x 40.64 cm

Watercolor and Ink

Not for Sale – Personal Art Collection


I was at a crossroads in my life, and I needed to make a very important decision.  During this time, I interviewed and was offered a great position within one week.  My next step was to meet with the amazing CEO and COO to discuss start dates and salary.  They’re both accomplished and talented women, and it would have been a great opportunity to work with them.  However, Spirit just kept nudging me to examine my choices.

Angels and Spirit have always guided me.  And I feel them even more when I’m at a crossroad.  During this week of decision-making, this painting was SO insistent for my attention.  Regardless of what was swirling around me, I was compelled to work on this painting night and day.  It kept calling to me.  And I completed it within a few days.

This beautiful angel revealed herself to me with all her wisdom and grace.  She helped me to keep looking up knowing that all would be well.  I love that she has a crown of glorious flowers as I’m always at peace when I have flowers around me.  They are in my home and in my garden. It’s like this angel knew what my soul needed for serenity and guidance.

The night before my scheduled call with this CEO and COO, I stayed up until 3:00 am and gained the clarity I needed. I turned down the job.  I told them I was taking a new path to become a full-time artist, and it was the only direction that felt right in my soul.  After some discussion to see if there was anything we could work out so that I could join the firm, they both understood and supported my decision.  And then they gently asked if they could see my art since we were on a Zoom call.  I was happy to show them my paintings including GRACE AND GRATITUDE.  After looking at my art, and hearing my story, they said I must stay the course and paint!  The CEO and COO were the epitome of professionalism, kindness and understanding for my soul’s path. They said they would be cheering me on and would be excited to see what would unfold on my art journey.  For this demonstration of grace and encouragement, I will always be grateful.

The original painting in this personal collection is not available for sale or print reproduction.  However, I would be delighted to work on an original commission painting with you.  Please contact us to further explore the creation of your treasure.