August 2023

Original Painting

12” x 16”

30.48 cm x 40.64 cm

Acrylic, watercolor, pastels, and colored pencils; mounted on premium cradled wood board.


This is my first self-portrait.  I recognized myself floating in the celestial realm with my long black hair and a billowy, green dress among the stars, moons and portals.  Then I looked closer and saw “Little Irene” also floating close by.


We moved around a lot in my childhood as my Dad was in the military.  Little Irene is the part of me that was unsure, scared, anxious, and worried as a child each time we made another move.  Little Irene played small to protect herself and she melted into the background, unseen but more safe.  But playing small and hiding your divine light has a price.  I found Little Irene driving my decision-making even into adulthood.  Many times that didn’t work out too well and created many stumbling blocks on my journey.


After many years of working with my spiritual life coach, I made the choice to recognize and embrace Little Irene instead of fighting her.  I thanked her for all her love and protection over the years.  I let Little Irene know that Big Irene was now able to step into her Divine light and take the wheel.  And I am grateful for this journey with my two Irenes.


Each painting is signed and dated, and a wire hanging fixture is installed. I protect my paintings with several layers of Isolation Coat and Archival Gloss Varnish.  You can immediately enjoy your art in your home or office without the barrier of a glass frame, so the energy and love of the painting comes through directly to you. 


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