February 2024

 – S O L D –  A collector has found a wonderful place for me for all to see!

Original Painting – Commission
48” x 36”
121.92 cm x 91.44 cm

Fountain pen ink, acrylic, and ink, mounted on cradled wood board.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. The beauty of this part of your time here on Earth is feeling all the “feels” and meeting members of your soul family. Each person who comes into your world is there for a reason, season, or a longer interval as you travel your soul’s journey. Sometimes, during your journey, you visit different dimensions or “homes.” You may not remember these visits during your waking hours. However, your soul always knows and recognizes these different dimensions that pull at your heartstrings with feelings of deja vu. The Universe is an unlimited field of possibilities. How wonderful to experience all that the Universe has to offer!

Each painting is signed and dated, and a wire hanging fixture is installed.  I protect my paintings with several layers of Isolation Coat and Archival Gloss Varnish.  You can immediately enjoy your art in your home or office without the barrier of a glass frame, so the energy and love of the painting comes through directly to you. 

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