Friday Fun Fact #4 About Irene...


3.3.23:  Fact #4Choco!

Our dog Choco is my art muse.  Choco has such loving, positive energy that he makes everyone smile.  Choco’s other job is as our garden supervisor.  I’ve seen pairs of butterflies and hummingbirds hovering over our little guy as he scouts out the backyard.  These creatures can also feel his vibrant energy. 

When I open the glass sliding doors to the backyard, Choco always races me to my studio.  It’s like he knows when it’s time to paint.  Choco wanders in and out of my art studio.  It’s comforting to have him resting in his little bed with his toys in the corner.  On warm, summer days, he likes to lay on the studio stairs in a sunbeam, taking a nap and just living his best life.  Choco understands that art is a healing balm to the soul.  We love you Choco!