Friday Fun Fact #5 About Irene...


3.10.23:  Fact #5Chocolate!

I love my dark chocolate as it helps me to paint.

When it’s time to paint (in my art studio, upstairs home office, kitchen table, etc.), I like to set up my space to open up the creative zone.  I use all my senses to feel the guidance of the Universe and then I just let it flow.

All things come together: beautiful music from my playlist, warm light from my candle, the sweet scent of fresh flowers, a soft breeze through the door, etc., help me open my spirit to receiving and listening to the artistic call.  Something I ALWAYS have on hand is dark chocolate.  My favorite brand is Ranger Chocolate which is a wonderful family-run company in Oregon that creates artisan chocolates.  My favorite is all their dark chocolates!  I’m grateful for all the small things in my creative process.