Friday Fun Fact #3 About Irene...


2.24.23:  Fact #3I Am a Channel As  I Co-create With the Universe!

The first step for my creative process is to LISTEN.  Sometimes listening is remembering the lingering vibrant images of a pattern once I wake up from a dream.  Or to listen when a constant thought weaves throughout my waking hours when I least expect it.  Sometimes listening is when I notice a flower or tree in my garden that catches my attention when the blowing wind causes that plant to wave its branches or stems at me.  

I am a channel as I co-create with the Universe for each and every painting.  The initial background layer, whether it’s watercolor, acrylic, gouache, fountain pen ink, marbling ink, etc., is laid down and general images or patterns will reveal themselves to me.  I say a silent prayer to my angels, ancients, and ancestors and ask for guidance. And then it’s time to paint.