Friday Fun Fact #2 About Irene...

2.17.23:  Fact #2I Started to Paint at Age 58!

I started painting for the first time (ever) at 58 years old.  Leaving the corporate world and jumping into the artist world was exhilarating and sometimes frightening.  But it was a calling that I couldn’t ignore.  And once I said “yes” to my soul seeking to express and amplify the beauty in the world, I began to paint every single day.

I learned to quiet the doubting voices within me (“you don’t have any formal art training,” or “you haven’t taken any art classes,” or “you’re not the artistic one in the family,” and so on), and to just move forward in the pursuit of co-creating with the Universe.

I mentioned in Fun Fact #1 that Egypt activated my artistic abilities.  That was the catalyst.  However, it was up to me to believe in what was possible and to reach for the stars.  I’m so grateful to my circle of dear loved ones and also the community of supportive, encouraging people around me that cheered me on to take this new path.  It’s been an amazing and blessed journey thus far!