Friday Fun Fact #1 About Irene...

2.10.23:  Fact #1 –  I’ve been blessed to visit Egypt three times with a small group for sacred travel. Each time our group was led by our close friend and Spiritual Life Coach, Esther Jones-Alley. I’ve never experienced this kind of private travel before. Whether we were moving by boat, bus, plane, car, etc., we had marvelous experiences without the usual crowds due to our wonderful hosts, Quest Travel.  Our journeys were not about standard tourism, but we gathered together to send love, healing, and positive vibrations as a group out into the Universe from this beautiful and ancient land. We made new friends that actually became new family members.  We left pieces of our hearts with our new friends when we returned home.

My first sacred trip to Egypt was in 2018 with my husband, Stan. It was a trip of a lifetime.  One of the highlights was renewing our 20th-anniversary wedding vows on a private boat as we sailed down the Nile. The other highlights were the private meditations and ceremonies in the cold, pre-dawn quiet inside the King and Queen’s chambers within the Great Pyramid. It was during these moments of gratitude and meditation that I felt my soul awakening. I felt a different energy pulse within me and throughout our group.

I believe it was this awakening or activation that led to my new art journey, and I began to co-create with the Universe in February 2021.  This story is amazing to me because prior to my visits to Egypt, I could not even really draw stick figures.  I did not paint.  I was not considered an artist.  But then I listened to what my soul was seeking and I began to paint.  And now I paint, draw or sketch every single day.  In 2021, thirty (30) original paintings came forth.  In 2022, ninety-one (91) original paintings were manifested.

Our Egyptian guides stated that you don’t experience Egypt with the eyes, but with the heart.  I fully agree.  My heart and soul were truly expanded during and after my time in this sacred land.  I’m very grateful for this gift of co-creating art with Spirit during a new phase in my life. And I’ll forever be grateful to Esther, Quest Travel, Egypt, and the beautiful people of Egypt for activating what was waiting to be released in my soul.