April 2022

 – S O L D –  A collector has found a wonderful place for me for all to see!

Original Painting

18” x 24”

45.72 cm x 60.96 cm

Acrylic and Ink on premium cradled wood board.


I’m inspired each day by all the different flowers that grow in our garden. I love walking the gardens as the seasons change to see who is blooming and who is sleeping.  Our flowers provide beauty and grace to our home sanctuary; and nourishment and refuge to our little neighbors (butterflies, ants, dragonflies, hummingbirds, ladybugs, bees, and many more).

As a child, we moved around a lot because my dad was in the military.  Oftentimes, we moved to a new city or state each year or every two years.  I dreamed of having a large garden where I could tuck plants into rich soil and watch the wonder grow, read books quietly among the blooms and greenery, and revel in the changing seasons.  And now I’m blessed to have my own secret garden.


Each painting is signed and dated, and a wire hanging fixture is installed. I protect my paintings with several layers of Isolation Coat and Archival Gloss Varnish.  You can immediately enjoy your art in your home or office without the barrier of a glass frame, so the energy and love of the painting comes through directly to you. 

This original painting is also available in PRINT format.

Although this original painting is SOLD, please press the “Inquire to Purchase” button below to get further information on creating an original painting that is based on “BEAUTIFUL”.