August 2023

Original Painting

12” x 12”

30.48 cm x 30.48 cm

Watercolor pencils, acrylic, and ink; mounted on premium cradled wood board.


Our house is adjacent to a green belt which is home to many creatures great and small.  Throughout the seasons, several deer graze on berries and grass shoots close to our property.  There is always at least one beautiful buck roaming the small grassy clearing next to our backyard.  I love seeing their regal, majestic beauty.  We even had the surprise one afternoon of a younger, smaller buck wandering around INSIDE our garden fence foraging for food!


This rainbow painting surprised me at the very last hour of creation.  I was compelled to draw trees among the rainbows.  And then I stepped back to survey my progress and saw that the image of a buck had emerged from the painting.  He clearly wanted to make his presence known.  This buck is full of magic, power, and regal light.  Can you see him?  I hope so.


Each painting is signed and dated, and a wire hanging fixture is installed. I protect my paintings with several layers of Isolation Coat and Archival Gloss Varnish.  You can immediately enjoy your art in your home or office without the barrier of a glass frame, so the energy and love of the painting comes through directly to you. 


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