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My small art studio was purposely built in our backyard garden as Mother Earth’s loving energy is strong here.  Over the years, we planted a variety of many trees, bushes, and flowers to create a mini sanctuary for our family and a safe haven for bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, ladybugs and more.  It’s among my flowers and plants that I’m inspired to create.  With each season, there is much to see, feel, and enjoy.  And it’s these feelings that make their way onto my paint brushes to share with you.

The stars, night skies, galaxies (known and unknown)…they all call to me. It’s the whisper of “home” and promises of new adventures wrapped together.  Often, I’ll start a background painting and I just let my paints, brushes, and pens show me what is to be created.  Inevitably, I’m shown the way to create a new galaxy or celestial realm.  And then I’m excited for what will next be revealed to me!

Suminagashi is the Japanese art of “floating ink” on water.  I mix ink colors, drop them in random fashion, or certain patterns onto the water bath.  And then I wait to see what happens! I love the random and sometimes unexpected formations as each unique, beautiful painting emerges from the water.